Who is Patrick Ijima-Washburn?

Patrick Ijima-Washburn is a polymath, an expert in multiple fields, and this is an attribute which has allowed him to work in various industries including entertainment, print media, apparel, sports, IT, legal, education, and more.

PIW has a deep understanding of Japan, the people, and its language. His experience as a communicator, a negotiatior, and a transcreator makes him a perfect choice for supporting international co-productions.

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Project Leadership

Team Building / Management / Conflict Resolution

Connected to a large international network of designers, illustrators, and animators

Illustration & Design

Editorial / Childrens / Fantastic
Logo / Character / UX

Fun, humorous, dark, cute, retro-pop, kawaii, ambigrams


Writing / Direction / Keyframing / Sound Design

Digital 2D (Flash) / ads, PVs, shorts

Globalization / Localization

English Native / Japanese Fluent

Int'l projects are a specialty

Japanese Fluency & Cultural Expertise

From basic grammar knowledge to near fluency in 6 mo.

N1 JLPT Certification
Business culture / Education culture / Pop-culture experience

20+ years Translation/Interpreting Experience

business / cultural / fashion / IT / legal / medical / education etc.

Exceptional research skills allow deep and wide understanding of a wide variety of subjects
interviews / press conferences / symposiums / sports events / film sets

Writing & Copywriting Skill

branding / business writing / sensitive matters / creative

Better writing skills = better translations

Company based in Kumamoto, Japan

Dedicated team ready for any challenge

BiFluent LLC est. 2012
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